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Kenny Starfighter Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p

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646f9e108c Kenny Starfighter, a dim-witted Galaxy superhero, comes to Earth to save his home planet Mylta from the evil lord Dr. Deo. To his aid are four kids, whose school is controlled by a bunch of very weird teachers.
Some kids discover that there's something wrong with their school; their teachers are acting weird and the teaching therefore also becomes weird. An intergalactic hero, Kenny Starfighter, crashes his space-bus (very similar to that of Lone Star in Spaceballs) in their little society and soon, they team up in order to solve the mystery of the school. It turns out that the person behind it all is the evil Dr. Deo (who, as a revenge for having been turned down by the princess of planet Mylta because of his foul smell, wants to build a machine that will transform Mylta into a giant deodorant roll-on ball), the very villain Kenny Starfighter is out to catch. Their quest takes them deep beneath the school and brings them many encounters. And all the time, there's a feeling of mystery over it all.
Such were the words spoken by Thomas Di Leva in what is possibly the cultiest cult show on this planet, or on Mylta for that matter. Johan Rheborg, fresh out of playing money-hungry cynic Percy Nilegård, stereo-loving Uncle Barbro (&quot;There are no shortcuts to the perfect sound!&quot;) and the haunting Kaminmannen in &quot;Nilecity&quot; and &quot;Percy Tårar&quot; puts on a blond wig, blue contact lenses, a smooth tan and a suit made out of old Coke cans, and the universe will never be the same…<br/><br/>The show has a solid plot but it&#39;s really all in the characters and their reactions to the strange things that are happening around them. The casting director actually managed to find a group of kid actors who *gasp* DIDN&#39;T SUCK! Yes, you might need to take a step back and absorb that for a moment. My favourite is Tyrone, he has a wicked hairdo! The cast is great all around with the aforementioned Rheborg and Di Leva, Lakke Magnusson as a brilliantly sleazy biology teacher (&quot;Hate! Hate! Hate!&quot;), Måns Westfeldt as a very evil, very smelly Dr. Deo, Sten Elfström as a corrupt cop, Camilla Henemark as a hot Evil Nurse and Sten Ljunggren as the school principal (haven&#39;t we all suspected our headmaster to be the root of all evil at some point? Seriously?). The kids who play the three unlucky punks who keep stalking Kenny (with painful consequences) are also really funny.<br/><br/>The versatile and great cast wouldn&#39;t be anything if it wasn&#39;t for the script and characters, though. Luckily, both of these are brilliant. Unforgettable lines, original and disturbing characters, and a tongue-in-cheek, off-the-wall sense of humour make Kenny Starfighter one of the greatest cult shows ever created. Seriously, it has zombies, Hairminators, sarcastic computers, evil teachers, flying vacuum cleaners and buses, flying telephone booths, trading cards with the power to destroy the entire world, and as a bonus, the moon gets turned into a grapefruit! Or is it an orange? A wickedly funny show which deserves respect in my opinion. Naysayers should be pumped full with a syringe of Mähälium - that&#39;ll teach &#39;em!<br/><br/>Oh, and it has an AWESOME theme song. Easily the best of the nineties.<br/><br/>&quot;Fy fan vad bra!&quot;
It is very funny. I have seen it tree times and I love it I&#39;m Swedish you know so I understand vat they are saying. All of you should see it you will ¨have a fun time i like the German teacher he speaks funny. It is fun with dim witted super heroes. The weapon rocks and the hard rocker are so stupid that it is a shame for real hard rockers like me but it is fun any way. You know how it works so I have to write some more. I hope all of you read it. Any other questions ask me on my mail. OK I just have to write two more lines about Kenny. I like his outfit it is nice. Me and some friends are having a team party with Kenny team.bye every one nice of you to read all of this.

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